Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Which MOSS is your favourite?

A. Moss as in lichen...

Pick your favourite MOSS:

B. Moss as in Kate...


C. Moss as in Charlotte...

If your favourite is A, you prefer to be outside,

and as this post is all about being 'inside', I suggest that you click on the word DOOR to make your escape!

If your favourite is B, then you are lost darling and you can find your way back to your world by clicking HERE.

If you picked C, then I can suggest reading about Charlotte Moss on her own Website, or visit COTE DE TEXAS (there you'll find a basketful of info and images galore on her), as well as New York Social Diary published a very interesting article, and included some terrific images taken in her home. Although this interview was feature in May 2006, it gives good insight in Ms Moss' thoughts about minimalism as well as following of trends.

As for me, I like her confidence which is evident in the interiors she does. The woman knows what she wants and where she is at!

Now I wonder how this room will look in minature? It is pretty special in full size!

Perhaps with a little help, this can also turn into something Charlotte will approve of.

PS. If like me, you thought that moss and lichen are the same, go to this website to learn what the difference is between them! You might be surprised to discover that they are found all over the world and are used in DYES!

1 comment:

Sans said...

Would you believe Lize, that my favourite mini material is moss? I use them to make trees and for landscape and I collect them from my garden and dry them and then store them. When I need to use them, I use florist spray paint and so far, they have made many of my little pieces and feeble attempts look pretty good :). Hmmm, maybe I haven't been using moss, maybe it was lichen.

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