Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wee reasons to go to the Spa!

Dear blog,
Is it possible that I have neglected you for  6 years and 6 months a little while?

You ask where I have been during this long hiatus?

I don't suppose you'll believe me if I said that I adopted the bohemian life;
roamed the world, slept on the beach, sailed the seven seas, climbed Everest...

You'll be right because even though I did roam a little and I do dress slightly bohemian unorthodoxly... that was not my excuse.

But you have to admit that living a bohemian life does sound very exciting!

Imagine all the places you can go...
You found me out... I am trying to change the subject.

How about I give you a massage to make you feel better?

It is the perfect day! The air is fresh, the sky is clear and the water is azure...
and there is nothing like a massage to improve your mood!

So make yourself comfortable!

Ready when you are....

You don't seem to be enjoying this?
I know that my hands are too big I am a bit clumsy...
but I am trying my best!

We're done... you can take a shower...

Towels are ready... and make sure to check out the miniature rocks.

And the wee shells...
Nature is so miniature perfect, isn't it?

Feel free to use the lemon grass soap... it is so fragrant!

Yes I know we are lacking proper plumbing - but this is a miniature spa beach spa.

It was great seeing you again! Hope to bump into you soon before another 6 years fly by!

And we are living in turbulent times:
Peace be with you!

 PS. This miniature room was based on the bathroom in the Balinese house of John and Cynthia Hardy.
The House is in Ubud and completely open to the elements.

Living in a place where there are no windows remains a dream.

Changing the world into miniature; slowly, but I'll get there.

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