Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Blog...

Did you notice?
I have not been around much.

I know I have been neglecting you.
But you see, I have been occupied, and I hope you will not be too upset with me. 

Did you think I was busy reading? 
I would have enjoyed that, but no, that was not what I was doing.

Nor was I learning to play a new instrument... 
That would have been nice too...

Now, don't be funny...
I did NOT win the lottery or a poker game... 
I don't even know how to play!

No.  Well yes... 
But not quite all the time!

But did you notice the bedside table...

Missed it?... I'll show you again.

Bad cold?

But that was not all...
See the flowers.... small celebration...

My 20th wedding anniversary! 
(Yes, I KNOW these are fake but I did get the most beautiful roses!)

And on February the 8th, my beautiful daughter turned 18!

She grew up much too fast.

Most of my time was taken up by hours and hours of work...
and piles and piles of papers...

I marked them so you will not make the mistake in thinking that the BIG pile was the OUT!

I know... 
My life is not very exciting.
But I promise to be in touch more! (Well that is at least until the next pile of papers arrive.)

WHAT!  You didn't  even miss me!

Some friend you are...

Well, it was good to talk to you.
Hope to see you again soon...



Evelien said...

LOL, that's a nice post! Great pictures and settings.

Congratulations on your celebrations and thanks for sharing!

groetjes Evelien

Josje said...

Yes I did miss you, but I thought you must have been busy. I know how that can happen ;)

Fantastic photos! LOVE the bedroom with the blue colours and silver mirrored bedside tables. Gorgeous!

Congratulations on both happy occasions!


miniacollection said...

I missed you I am very glad to read your new post. It's a beautiful one, I love your pictures, especially the ones with the sofa with all the books, and the pile of papers.
Happy Anniversary § And Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.
By the way we all seem to have the same kind of life, running after time, and routine, my life is not much more exciting than your life..., but I like it like that.
Thanks for your news and your pictures.

James said...

Yes you were missed. Such wonderful photos, thank you for sharing them. You're so very right they grow up too fast. Best wishes to you both.

maria said...

Happy Anniversery and Happy Birthday to your daughter,she is very beautifull.
I love your pictures and i love all the books(did you made them yourself?), i realy love!!!! your bedroom.
You have a nice humor.

Christel Jensen said...

Great post:) Lots of nice pictures, and your daughter is very beautiful:)

rosanna said...

Lize, so nice to read from you again ! I do miss you ! and your beautiful pics. Thank goodness you have gifted us with a bunch of them today.Where shall I begin with ? congrats on your 20th anniversary, it's great goal and more will come. Congrats on your more than beautiful daughter, she is stunning. Now I understand why you love turquoise so much, it's her eyes colour. Big hugs to you all and do not feel forgotten,we could never forget you. Rosanna

Susanne said...

I´ve been missing your blog and your comments on mine too. But you have been doing a lot in the meantime, I must say. Great miniatures, story and pictures, and congratulations!

Love 'n Light said...

Lovely post Lize! I hope you're feeling better now. Congratulations on your annivery and your daughter's birthday!
You have good sense of humour and yes you are right they grow up much too quick!
LL Nat

cockerina said...

Lize hello, welcome, I passed by your blog and I thought "who knows what's she doing?"
I will not have forgotten, in fact I've missed a lot, I love your photos, your posts, your elegance, your sympathy .... lots of wishes for the 20th anniversary and a big hug to your beautiful daughter, is wonderful! that life can give her so much happiness!
PS you did all those minis?? how wonderful, are fantastic! You had a lot of work then ... I knew it! ah ah!
Hugs, Caterina

Meli said...

Lize, yes I missed you!!!
Your daughter is beautiful. Hope that by now you will feel much better. The flowers are lovely. My congratulations.

hannajaleijona said...

What a delightful blog post! The photos are just wonderful. The blue bedroom is so inviting and glamorous and the sofa just wants me to come curl in with a book. Feels refreshing just to visit.

Hope your hurries let you go now and then and my goodness how beautiful your daughter is!


dale said...

Well, I hope you are feeling better now! :)

Happy Anniversary! It's our twentieth this year, too! :)

Happy Birthday to daughter, she is beautiful. :)

Love, love, love all of your scenes, especially the blue bedroom. :)

Eva J said...

Congratulations to your anniversary
and a beautiful daughter. So many
beautiful pictures and scenes!

Eva J

contar said...

Congratulations for his(its) twenty anniversary
I do not believe that his(its) life is boring
Allow these verses to read him(her) for his(its) anniversary me

One year mas .... it(he,she) happens(passes) without almost
Realize ..... the life is happening(passing) little by little and one comes
Day in which we remember(remind,remembered,reminded) the moment in which comenzo a long way.
In this case the marriage(couple).

Probably the translation is not good but I hope that I understand myself.

felicidades por su veinte aniversario
no creo que su vida sea aburrida
permitame leerle estos versos por su aniversario

un año mas.... pasa sin casi
darnos cuenta..... la vida va pasando poco a poco y llega un
dia en que recordamos el momento en que comenzo un largo camino.
en este caso el matrimonio.

quizás la traducción no sea buena pero espero que me entienda.

Sans said...

My dear Lize, have you gone and create all these wonderful little vignettes while we were missing you?

Not only are they eye candies, (all your accessories are fabulous, not a single one out of place), each and everyone of them is a witty conversation :). I always imagine you, our darling Lize, making every mini photo an art piece and then putting everything away again :).

Can I tell you I nearly missed the tissue papers, even after you said "Did you miss it? I will show you again". It was only after I enlarge the picture because I thought hey , what's that weird crumpled paper doing on the side table? That I realise you have been blowing your horn, I mean nose :).

That girl sure takes after her mummy :).Stunning ! Have you given her "take your time, don't marry the 1st guy talk?" yet.

Happy Anniversary my dear :).

Lize said...

Thank you for all the wonderful messages filled with good wishes. Unfortunately, for more than a month, I was really unable to make anything in mini (or any other size), because I was WORKing! So all that you see hailed from BC (in this case Before Christmas!) Some of my books were made more than 12 years ago during my first 'mini'-attack. The rest were made during the past year. On Wednesday, there was some serious 'set-building going on in my house, and Thursday morning the spray-cans came out for fixing up.

The tissue-scene was 'shot' the wrong way around... as you can see from the one under the side table in the first photo, which I overlooked when I picked them up!)

Sans, I drilled 'you are a woman, you are responsible for your life and your decisions' into her from the day she was born. She is smart, she is active, she pro-active, she believes in equality for all... and she is proud to be a woman. I could not have been more proud. If she ever decides to marry early... she is going to have to live with that decision. But so far, its not part of her plan. (serious answer? I know, but this is one of those things I am rather passionate about!)

Norma said...

Such a clever post, and great pictures - and of course great minis in them! :) I must say I especially love that red couch surrounded by books, and that black and white painting is just great there. And congratulations on your wedding anniversary, and your daughter's birthday.

Pubdoll said...

Hope you're all well again and congratulations on the anniversary and the birthday of your beautiful daughter!

I first couldn't believe the photos were minis, thescens and rooms are so gorgeous, and I especially love the blue bedroom! The night table is fabulous, did you make it yourself?

Lena said...

It was so funny to read this post!
Beutiful pictures as always...My favourite was the blue bedroom, the furnitures is outstanding!

synnøve said...

Of course I missed you.... but I thought you were busy!!
As much as we like to commit every available second of spare time to our dear minis (at least I do!!) it is not always possible!!!
Your beautiful daughter is born on the same day as my oldest... only six years later!!!
Happy anniversary too!!!
Lize, the miniature pictures are outstanding!!! What a luxurious bedroom, I love every detail!!!
Synnøve x

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Tatieva said...

Oh, j'adore le salon rouge, very beautiful ! Un petit côté New York que j'aime beaucoup, beaucoup !

dale said...

Just revisiting this post, as the mirrored dresser was on my mind today. I love this bedroom scene.

Can you tell me where you got it? You can email me if you like. :)

Thanks so much!

Your daughter has your eyes, doesn't she?

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