Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you feeling pinned down?

By your miniatures...
Your job...
Your 'stuff'...

Or just life in general?

Well, of late I have been feeling somewhat 'low'.
A bit like pushing a big yellow bus wherever I want to go!

Know that feeling?

Too much to do and too little time!  And the end of the first quater of 2010 is drawing near!

Well, throw open those windows.

Take a deep breath
Clear your mind

I send to you all...

A happy feeling
To come your way
And warm your heart

Let it float...
and take you with...

Walk on sunshine!

Have you ever had that feeling of  actually 'walking on sunshine'?

Certainly, NOTHING could pin you down then...

Well here is that wonderful song by Katrina and the Waves.
It has the words, so you can sing along heartily!

Go ahead! No one can hear you!

And for today, and every day,
May your twilight be spectacular!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tea for Alice

Here is an invitation... 
Just in case you didn't get one yet...

If you arrive on your broom... does this mean it is going to be a flying visit?

I do hope not!
I would like for you to linger, at least for a little while...

Come closer and make yourself at home.

... Just not THAT chair...

That one is for the HATTER!

No sorry, can't sit there either!
That one is for ALICE!

Well actually, this one is for...

Oh, Never mind...

Don't be shy, do have a good helping of everything!

And make sure to save plenty of space for the cake!

The afternoons are VERY pleasant now for sitting in the garden. 

Don't you agree?

I see you keep looking at the woods...

If you'd like to, we can go for a little walk...

Just don't shut the gate...
Strange things happen there and perhaps we may need to make a quick escape...

Did you see the size of the mushrooms?
They are VERY poisonous!
Can you imagine how big the Elves and the Fairies are!

Not to mention the Trolls!

I think we should turn back.
Dusk is a STRANGE time to be caught in the WOODS.

See how quickly night is falling...
The light is already changing.

Unfortunately, that means our TEA party is over...

And I hope to see you again soon!

(Shall I pack some leftover chocolate cake for your journey back?)

This post is dedicated to the REAL ALICE, who was dealing with the usual, difficult job
Of growing up, and hormones,

When she was tossed into a HOLE of new experiences.
A LAND of tests, doctors, hospitals and MORE tests.


You lost your hair Alice, but you found your VOICE.

Keep singing Alice,

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Changing the world into miniature...
One thing at a time!
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