Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you feeling pinned down?

By your miniatures...
Your job...
Your 'stuff'...

Or just life in general?

Well, of late I have been feeling somewhat 'low'.
A bit like pushing a big yellow bus wherever I want to go!

Know that feeling?

Too much to do and too little time!  And the end of the first quater of 2010 is drawing near!

Well, throw open those windows.

Take a deep breath
Clear your mind

I send to you all...

A happy feeling
To come your way
And warm your heart

Let it float...
and take you with...

Walk on sunshine!

Have you ever had that feeling of  actually 'walking on sunshine'?

Certainly, NOTHING could pin you down then...

Well here is that wonderful song by Katrina and the Waves.
It has the words, so you can sing along heartily!

Go ahead! No one can hear you!

And for today, and every day,
May your twilight be spectacular!


James said...

Thanks, I really needed that!

miniacollection said...

I know the feeling and understand it perfectly well.Like you I have just realized that time flies, already mid March. Better not think about it. Be reassured you are not alone. Unfortunately I think it's just part of life,there are times when we feel low (not to say more) and fortunartely times when everything seems possible and great. Life is a circle.
Thank you so much for your post and the beautiful picture of the window. I will take a big breath.
Your posts are always great, you are such a human and sensitive person.
Best wishes

Sans said...

O that song of yours have got me bobbing my head up and down in a very 70s footloose kind of way so much so I can't see straight what I am typing! A fabulous choice!

I had a tiny bout of the blues too just last week and with the flu and the "bronchital" cough, gimme some balloon cheer, anytime. Love the Gulliver pic too. Anyway, I got my perk me up when I read your comment on my last post. You are a nut, you know that, Lize? And I love every bit of your crazy, nutty ways. So go do things you love TODAY. Throw all your paperwork out of that open window. But neatly into a basket so you can go sort them out again tomorrow.

Lize said...

James, I think yo have enough sunshine in those little 'rascals' who hang out at your house, and occasionally sleeps under your desk!

Lize said...

Genevieve, it would be great if life had a little 'pause' button!

Glenda said...

Thankyou, Lize!! Your storytelling and pictures are a real tonic!
I've been having trouble lately with too many failures, and this was exactly what I needed.

Lize said...

Threw the papers out the window Sans... and I send your blog address and e-mail address to my 'superiors'. I told them you can explain!

I do hope you feel better Sans? Did you pick this nasty bug up while gallivanting all over the globe? Not that I want to sound jealous you know!
Keep those lovely photos coming! At least I can have a mini trip. BTW that photo of the steeple between the trees was amazing! Dead center focus on steeple and the rest moving!

Mags Cassidy said...

Horrible nice - rofl ...only kidding, that cheered me up, soo busy making minis for Miniatura 27th/28th March...love that song.

Lize said...


I hope your failures all become 'light bulbs'!

Susanne said...

Thanks for the sunshine, Lize,I´ll will let it in. I know all about being busy and finding that life gets you by. We are already in the middle of march and I still feel like january (also tricked by the weather this year), and I am still getting older and older (while other people not seem to be :-)
Geneviève said, that life is like a circle, I have the same feeling but like the upper part of the "clock" the most, its where the summermonths are, and the hope and a bit of time off...and now we are allready in the last days of march ;-))
Love, Susanne

Lize said...

Mags,I have been a follower of your blog for a while and thought that you must be busy as your posts (like mine) were few of late.

The best of luck for miniatura!

Lize said...

Susanne, I think we are all looking forward to a holiday although I try my best not to wish the time away! I know you have all had awful winters. Cold and ling, but enjoy it while it lasts.

Yesterday it was 45 degrees celcius here!

Meli said...

Lize, this is how I feel right now!!!
Thanks for making me feel better!

Lize said...

Meli, hope you feel better! You have been very busy, I know. I can see from your blog that you are always doing something! How else are you able to post so many pretty things on your blog.

synnøve said...

O..I needed that too.. aching arm and the snow is pouring down :(
But tanks' a lot, hope you feel better too lovely Lize :)
Synnøve x

Lize said...

Synnoves, if your arm is aching, it means only one thing: you're still working on your new house and studio!

Eva said...

I am surprised with your post dear Lize...I feel in this way...a little bit low...I am very optimistic normally but not those last days.
Healthy problems again, that means another surgery.
Anyway, I am fine, nothing that doctors can not solve but I am a little bit tired, trying to be a superwoman, neeeding 27hours per day, not sleeping too much. And remembering always that life is beautiful and smiling. ALWAYS
So many many thanks for your beautiful post and the song. REally it cheers me up!!!
Un beso

Love 'n Light said...

Hi Lize, Love and Light coming your way...I hope you can feel it.

By the way, tha't what LL stands for when I sign off. I want to share it with everyone because if we have...love...we have it all and if we have light...we're never in darkness.

When I'm feeling low I go for a walk on the beach and then just sit there for half hour or so. It helps every time!
I always walk away in awe of the amazing world we live in!

LL to all Nat:~)

dale said...

Lize, what an ispiring post, thank you for that. :)

Lize said...

Dearest Eva,

I think we need to sleep more! I am sleeping less and less to do more but somehow I am managing less? Could be that I am tired! Now if we can arrange 27 hours in each day...

I do hope you feel better soon.

Lize said...

Love and light

Yes, we do live in an amazing place!

Liberty Biberty said...

Reading your comments Lize it's funny to see how many miniaturists the world over were in need of your sunshine post! I am one of them too. I guess there was something in the air last week.
I have now picked myself up and told myself to get on with it!

Lize said...

Must be something in the atmosphere because it is all over! Yess, and we all have no choice but to GET ON WITH IT!

contar said...

It is true that in occasions one sits down caught by the life, but my miniatures help me to desacerme with this feeling they cortan the ties and liberate my mind towards this twilight of May, floating between the smell of flowers and the light of andalucia

An embrace

es cierto que en ocasiones uno se siente atrapado por la vida, pero mis miniaturas me ayudan a desacerme de ese sentimiento ellas cortan las ataduras y liberan mi mente hacia ese crepusculo de mayo, flotando entre el olor de las flores y la luz de andalucia

un abrazo

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi. You left a comment on my blog about scenic water and how to colour it.
The oil paint was for only resin (solid water) and liquid fimo.
Its only the solid water that is coloured with artists oil paints.
The meltable scenic water you can colour with food colouring and water colours.
Just didnt want you to make a mistake if you buy anything.
Nikki xxx

rosanna said...

Dear Lize, I'm late in answering just for the same creeping blue feeling that appereantly runs all over the world. I keep saying to myself that's because of this late Spring. We really need some warmth and sunshine. I wonder if we all suffer from the super woman complex( Eva is right). We stretch too much our strenght trying to be active, positive, smiling, unselfish etc etc etc always forgetting that if we do not love ourselves we shall not be able to take care to anybody else. I do not actually feel pinned down but I often feel like the proverbial hamster running in its wheel and heading nowhere.My dream is a sabbatical year.... far from home, family - keeping in touch of course- and trying to make another life.Different city, work,habits.There is an Italian movie "Pane e tulipani" which perfectly depicts this feeling. It's one of my favourite.Thank you for your sunshine, I love it Hugs Rosanna

Anonymous said...

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Jean Day said...

Thank you so much, you are so thoughtful thinking of others in such an inspirational way!! A real pick me up! Smiles to you too!!! I saw the 3D Alice in Wonderland movie last night and thought of your wonderful display.

Anonymous said...

It is only when you've been down for so long that you come appreciate the feeling of being up... We don't always understand but I guess that is the way it is supposed to be..

cockerina said...

I feel like Gulliver ... nailed to the floor when I would rather do things for myself only ... but life and responsibilities I'm called to order every day and I have duties of mother, housewife, wife ... maybe we could do whatever we like! but we must always have the sun in the heart and positive thinking ... the twilight is always beautiful, even for you ..
thanks for the wonderful pictures!

Meli said...

Thanks Lize,
I have been trying to visit your blog since a couple of days without success, now is working!!!
Take care!!

Papillon Bleu said...

Thank you! thank you! and THANK YOU! again for such a positive post!
Lize, if your body and mind say stop, well, do so. I know it seems easy to say but been there and done that. CARPE DIEM!

Anonymous said...

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