Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wee reasons to go to the Spa!

Dear blog,
Is it possible that I have neglected you for  6 years and 6 months a little while?

You ask where I have been during this long hiatus?

I don't suppose you'll believe me if I said that I adopted the bohemian life;
roamed the world, slept on the beach, sailed the seven seas, climbed Everest...

You'll be right because even though I did roam a little and I do dress slightly bohemian unorthodoxly... that was not my excuse.

But you have to admit that living a bohemian life does sound very exciting!

Imagine all the places you can go...
You found me out... I am trying to change the subject.

How about I give you a massage to make you feel better?

It is the perfect day! The air is fresh, the sky is clear and the water is azure...
and there is nothing like a massage to improve your mood!

So make yourself comfortable!

Ready when you are....

You don't seem to be enjoying this?
I know that my hands are too big I am a bit clumsy...
but I am trying my best!

We're done... you can take a shower...

Towels are ready... and make sure to check out the miniature rocks.

And the wee shells...
Nature is so miniature perfect, isn't it?

Feel free to use the lemon grass soap... it is so fragrant!

Yes I know we are lacking proper plumbing - but this is a miniature spa beach spa.

It was great seeing you again! Hope to bump into you soon before another 6 years fly by!

And we are living in turbulent times:
Peace be with you!

 PS. This miniature room was based on the bathroom in the Balinese house of John and Cynthia Hardy.
The House is in Ubud and completely open to the elements.

Living in a place where there are no windows remains a dream.

Changing the world into miniature; slowly, but I'll get there.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Another portal

Once again, we are crossing another gateway.

We are leaving the year 2010, and the first decade of the new millennium, behind.
A new year beckons us, and at the entrance,
Janus is standing guard.

He is facing the past, and he is facing the future.

To understand the future better, we look to the past too,
and also, in memory, to remember what we have lost or left behind.

But may we look back, not too often, causing us to stumble.

May the year 2011 hold many new experiences,
and may you be able to face them all with enthusiasm.


Changing the world into miniature...
One thing at a time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The face that launched a Night in Venice....

Sometimes, inspiration comes in small packages!
Last year, I received a charming little Venetian Mask as a present,
and an idea started to grow...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Party in Venice?

Perhaps not the real Venice...
but our own version...

Planning started...
and invitations went out.

Now normally, 'feeding and watering' ideas too much, they start to take over,
and this one really started to grow out of the pot.. and eventually, right out of my budget!
There was just no way that I could build the Rialto bridge!
(Or any of the other bridges for that matter.)

Not to mention beg, borrow or steal a few gondolas...

But we were determined to have at least something resembling a bridge...

and a few gondolas...

To the left of the vase, red Arabic couches are visible.
They form part of an outdoor theater.

Many of the decorations, which were bought for previous parties,
are re-used, but in a different way...

At the end of the pool you can see my inexpensive imitation Venetian bridge.
Really gaudy, but I needed the 'Canal' to visually end there.

Night has, thank goodness, a way of casting its spell over all.
And darkness can hide a great many flaws...

It can also turn the mediocre into magical!

Ordinary glasses reflecting light...


Glitter and glow...

Cups ready for tea, cuppuccino and espresso...

Now all we need are the guests!

Even the bridge, visible at the far end of the pool,
is not too frightening at night time...

And the three old and battered canoes, not quite gondolas,
but at least adding to the atmosphere...

Two of our pretty, young guests pretending to be gondoliers!

Did I hear murmurs of who Seiji Ozawa is?
He is a very entertaining, brilliant and adorable Japanese Conductor.
Below, our guests are watching him conduct the Berliner Philharmonicer perform Gerswin.
(Very Jazzy Music) 
(Gerswin composed 'An American in Paris')

The recording was done in the Waldbuhne (Germany) Theater.
Every New Year, they have an open air concert.
I can really recommend any of their high quality recordings,
and Seiji Ozawa is bound to entertain even those least interested in 'not-so-modern' music.

  After dessert, coffee, and several long discussions following the performance,
all that was left was to sign the guest book
and wave goodbye...

Yes, all things come to an end... and the more enjoyable things end even  quicker.

Which is in fact a good thing,
because after too much partying, this is what you start seeing:

Or perhaps I should just mount my camera on the tri-pod!

I needed a good nights sleep.
Especially after all the hard work!

BTW.  Did you misplace your invitation?
We really missed you!
Well, never mind, I'll invite you again next year!

Now where can we go next...
Any suggestions?

Oh, and last but not least
A very happy 2011 to you and your loved ones!

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