Saturday, September 12, 2009

Julie & Julia September 11th

Just before going through the gate to board my plane at Dublin Airport, I did some last minute duty free shopping. I bought handkerchiefs (the old fashioned Irish Linen kind...) they make beautiful sheets and tablecloths in miniature, and a book by Nora Ephron. Of course it is' Julie & Julia', the newly made movie which I have not seen yet. Actually, I have seen 'the kitchen', which is charming, but had no idea what the story was about.

I started reading the minute I had fastened my seat belt; Two things struck me forcefully... the first was the date, and I was only reminded when I got to the part where Julie refers to ground zero, and 9/11.

It was the 11th of September, I mean the date that I was sitting on the plane was actually 11th of September, and there I was reading a book about the 11th of September. And there was nothing I could do about it, the door was closed and I could see tiny little freight carriers, way below on the choppy Irish sea!

Now I am not normally a superstitious person, but... Coincidence? Perhaps not... No wonder I managed to get a booking on such short notice. Well, I made it to Turkey, and finished the first 200 pages. And thankfully my next flight was on the 12th!

Now we come to the other thing.

It is here that I have to mention that I am a vegetarian. I have been... for 26 years. It was very hard reading those first 200 pages, with all the slaughtering going on, killing and mangling, French dishes or not! I will be hard pressed to go and see the movie, the images in my head were vivid enough. And even though the writing is good, if Julie doesn't stop making meaty dishes in the next 10 pages, that book will be donated to the first carnivore I see.

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