Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Laundry Room

I found this absolutely inspiring photo by Simon Bevan here

It is indeed pretty!

Well, I started wondering how it would look in a smaller size. Since I can't have it in the real size (our laundry still working fine and no excuse to rip the tiles out...). The idea kept growing in my head...

Need an ironing board...

Which fabric shall I use?

And then LOTS and LOTS of other stuff!
Like a scoop for the detergent... took me a long time drilling and sanding.

Boxes and bottles and containers, I could not wait to see how it will ll fit together... even though the unfinished washing machine is upside down.

Finished a laundry basket, with dirty laundry....

Only a few things left to do.


cockerina said...

Hello Lize, I just registered to your blog ...
My name is Caterina and I write from Italy ..
My blog is

write a comment in this post because coincidentally, I also built my ironing board! even if the model is different ...
Come and see it here:

I wish you a good day!
hello, Caterina

Sans said...

Your laundry room is wonderful and I will not replace the washing machine, if I were you.

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