Thursday, October 8, 2009


This morning, I woke up and discovered that I had 2 followers! Immediately I set out my best tea set and baked a cake. Tink and Synnøve have beautiful blogs and I can see they put in many hours in creating their miniatures! So ladies, you are both invited to my mini blog tea in your honour. Enjoy!

Changing the world into miniature...
one thing at a time.


synnøve said...

Thank you for your nice words and the invitation!! This looks soo delicious! What a lovely combination of color too, and a great picture quality! I love it :D

Eva said...

Youy mini tea looks gorgeous! Love the colours :)

cockerina said...

Hello Lize, I just registered to your blog ...
My name is Caterina and I write from Italy ..
My blog is

a pastry gladly take it ... thanks! Ah Ah Ah!

I wish you a good day!
hello, Caterina

kathi said...

Your welcome tea is so pretty! You are welcome to come over to MY blog and pick up an award! :)


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