Sunday, November 15, 2009

Writing paraphernalia...and a mini book cover with improved spelling!

The month of December is nearly upon us, and soon it will be time to deliver those Christmas cards. There is such pleasure in opening these, and whether they have been handmade or bought, they bring such joy, all lined up on the mantle for Christmas time.

I love collecting writing paraphernalia, and it is the ideal time to take out all of these when preparing special wishes and words for friends at Christmas time.

This miniature glass pen, a treasured gift from Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy, always gives me great pleasure to look at, and to hold such a delicate object. It is not 1/12 scale, but about 1/3 in scale.

Which colour do you prefer your cards and envelopes to be?

The final touch... the ritual of sealing letters, whether with wax, or embossing it...

So have a cup of tea, and start preparing your cards...

Oh yes, I am apparently slowly but surely losing my mind... and my 'h' as well! Those of you that noticed! Well I replaced the Calligrapy with Calligraphy on the back of the book! I need to spell check in Photoshop. Sorry about that !

And for those that are interested, here is another book cover for copying.
Changing the world into miniature...
One thing at a time


rosanna said...

Thank you Lize, I love the pics and I love the bookcover. I wish I had your ability in writing Rosanna

synnøve said...

Wow.. seldom have I seen such a beautiful composition and pictures of one of my favorite things to do; Calligraphy!!!
I just love your pictures and creations!
But I must admit, though I love to do it, it´s been a long time sins I have done anything....
Writing real letters seems to be a forgotten thing. Keep up the good work Lize =)

kathi said...

Beautiful photos Lize! I love old letter sealed with wax. I've tried
learning calligraphy too. I need more practice!
Thank you for another special book cover! Perhaps it will remind me to get out my pens and ink!

miniacollection said...

Your books are really beautiful. Thank you so much.
You're very good at calligraphy, I know it's not that easy, I have tried...

Arantxa said...


I like so much the books are so beautiful.



Anonymous said...

You own the talent of brilliant writing I must confess. Your post has those facts which we cannot even get it anywhere else. It’s my humble request to u please keep writing such remarkable articles.And yes i have digg your site .

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