Thursday, April 1, 2010

At long last...

I know it has been ages...
but I have been hard at work at my miniatures!
And here are the results.. I do hope you like it!
I am still not sure about the colour of the door.
I like the colour... But does it work with the gray bricks?...
What do you think?

Welcome to my 1/12 scale house...
I hope you enjoy your stay!
Don't you just love this blue? It really makes the bespaq console pop.
I used about 1 450 little nails to trim the door!

Can I take your coat? The butler will take your luggage upstairs.

Lets proceed to the drawing room. Would you like a drink?
Yes, the painting is an oil on canvas.
And those little ottomans were designed by Elsie de Wolf herself!

Ah, hope you are hungry... dinner is served!
You are welcome to look around...
But dinner first!
Making these little chairs were SO fiddly!
And I'll have you know that the wallpaper is all hand painted!
I have to admit that the chandelier was NOT made by me, but by some talented artist in Italy.

After dinner, we can kick off our shoes and have a good little gossip or solve world problems here, in front of a cozy fire...

I bought the tall white urn on the pedestal in Thailand!

Would you like to spend the night in the guest room?
Oops, somebody already at home!
Oh, it's the Mini Mad Hatter Miles reading the newspaper!

Then sorry.. you'll have to take THIS OLD room!
Hope you don't mind?
As usual, space in a dolls house always a problem.
Perhaps I should rather make this into a bathroom?
I can also keep the pretty chinoiserie wallpaper then.
What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed the little tour.
I'll show you the kitchen and rest of the house when I finish it...

Not OK?

Sorry, but I could not help myself!
Lots of 'Redd' Herrings and...
I am sure you all recognized at least SOME of the creations of one of my favourite designers!

This is Miles Redd of course!
And today is....

APRIL 1st!

And here is the talented Mr. Miles Redd himself,
taking a leap of relief (in his splendid mirrored bathroom), that I admitted my fraud.

I can also honestly say that NONE of these lovely photos were taken by me...
And alas... none of these rooms are miniature

If you take a look at my post here,  now you know where I got the 'inspiration' for that painting.
And the REDD couch.

And of course, here and there I DID tell the truth!

Changing the world into miniature...
One thing at a time.


Linda Carswell said...

I was sooooo puzzled to start with, I thought wow, this lady is "Good"....April Fools Day??? really had me going there!!!

Happy Easter.

Tabitha Corsica said...

Ok..I'm confused. First, I think the pale green door is too pale for the grey bricks.

However, that is less important than the rest of the photos. I am having a hard time believing they are mini's because they are amazing!!

Sometimes I think "yes", that item is mini but then I think "no,no", must be full-sized.

So you didn't take the photos...but are these from a real dollhouse?? Wow....


kimsminiatures said...

Lol.....Happy April Fools :) That was fun and somewhat confusing, I love the color on the door. I must find it. Hugs~ Kim

Glenda said...

Well done, Lize!! What an eye-popping tour! Haha!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Clever you! Had me going to. I was going to say ' YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!!' you are too good, then I thought aha you ARE kidding me. Good April fool too! Wouldnt those rooms look excellent in miniature though, you must try!! Kate xx

Meli said...

Lize, you are realy amazing!! I was looking at the pictures and thinking to myself is this true... Its so outstanding all the rooms and the decoration..
Thanks for this entry in your blog and the photos are just wonderful!
Warm regards,

Meli said...

Oh Lize, it's April Fools.. just forget it... here in Spain in on December 28th..
Thanks again

Tabitha Corsica said...

Well am I a dumb bunny or what!? At least I wasn't totally bamboozled. I mean, there was an inkling of doubt.

Forgot about April Fool's Day.....


Lize said...

Tabitha and Meli, you may thigk it the truth because YOUR minis and some of the miniature bloggers' work is so good that it is sometimnes hard to see if it is miniature!!! Keep up the good work all of you... it is a great inspiration to me!

maria said...

Hahahah April fool
I believed you in the first foto's but than i realized you fooled uss.

Sans said...

I knew it! With each photograph,which I "enlarged" by the way and to my utter disappointment,none of them actually enlarge! Anyhoo, where was I, yes, with every picture, I kept saying I am going to comment & say things like "you must be sh^&tting me"! or "No way in hell" and by the time, I got to the last picture with Redd (whoever he is), I was beginning to hate you. I thought you even make your doll suspend in air without wires!??

By the way, I thought the door was a grave mistake, it's way too short, the colour is totally wrong, you should have hidden the wires or whatever those black Martian ears are, flanking the "grave mistake" and the whole thing, far too realistic for my liking !

Happy AFD! And if I sounded grouchy, it's because I wish I had thought of this 1st.


Lize said...

Sans, you are too funny! I am laughing so hard that I am actually crying. I thought the same thing about that door but was unable to put it as eloquently as you did!!! Colour great, but every thing else a disaster, especially the alien antennas!

Lisette said...

1 April. hahaha
Nice story.

The door green with brown bricks.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

This was seriously jaw dropping. I am in awe. Amazing! The front of the house with the door looks very realistic, somehow I think the door should be a darker color-maybe something along the color of the door mat.



The Visionary Butterfly said...

lol ok I was fooled :) but your creations are jaw dropping.

The Old Maid said...

Great joke!!:)

Merry Jingle said...

I was looking at the first picture and almost started crying when thinking I should do some exterior work on my houses - and thinking how in the h*ll has she done that.

Then I got it, but I can admit with the dining room pic I was again hoping that they really would be minies as I WANT THOSE CHAIRS IN 1:12!!!!!

Beautiful interiors :)


by Sonya Rotella said...

Oh!It was a joke!
I think at the firs time.How many years and money this woman has spent to realize this wonderfull home?!?
Only when I have had a look to the boy I remember that today is the first of April.

Mimmi said...

Ha ha... :-D! I fell for it at first, and thought "boy, this is amazing work, can this really be miniatures?" When I got to the third picture I realized that it`s April 1st... LOL

cockerina said...

You are a great joker, and you are also very nice, but sorry, I was not born yesterday, I realized immediately that they were not miniature ..
thanks anyway, I enjoyed so much!
Merry Happy Easter to you and your family!

RND said...

Bravo! Very good job!

Kathi said...

I am SUCH an April fool! I believed you because you ARE that good!!!

miniacollection said...

That was very good. At first I believed they were miniature rooms, and thought she worked really hard and I have to tell her that if we didn't know they were miniatures it would be hard to believe it. When I saw the photo of the bedroom with the man on the bed I had doubts. I had a good laugh when I read the end of the post.
It is the dream of all of us to change everything in miniature...

Pubdoll said...

I was fooled by your February 11th post when I saw it in February, because then I thought it had to be lifesize, but after a long and hard look found it had to be miniatures after all. So now I was quite ready to believe these were miniatures as well, but when I recognized the black and white painting I was sure it was an April fool joke :-) Well done Lize, I love your sense of humour!
And happy Easter!

Papillon Bleu said...

I was thinking "I know Lize is very talented but I am not sure of what I am looking at at the moment..."
You are a cheeky person! I love it.
Isn't it great to have fun like this? even on blogland?
Thanks for your humour!

Kristina said...

Oh I so was thinking you had been staying up every night under constant pressure to find the scaled items and sewing curtains, etc. And it all is so very believeable because of what you do produce in minature! I now must go Google Mr. Redd to find out more...

Josje said...

The second photo had me fooled, it really could be Bespaq! I recognized some of the other photo's so wasn't fooled there, but there's always that seed of doubt. Nooo it can't be, could it...?
Good one!!

dale said...

Oh, my goodness, you so had me, but the whole time, I was thinking this is so incredible, it looks so real life!

LOL! :)

Nice. ;)

Jean Day said...

LOL, so are so bad!!! I'm really quite relived because seeing really is believing and you could fool me pretty well any day!! Excellent April fools joke, wish I could say I'm not fool, lol. Wonderful photos and designs.

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