Sunday, April 18, 2010

Need a vacation?

I have been invited to participate in an Once in a lifetime, Around the World
To be launched tomorrow!

The 'trip' is organized by Colleen,
our friendly host at

Do pop in there today to find inspiration for your miniatures,
as well quite few daring and inspiring ensembles for summer holiday wear.

Changing the world in to miniature
One thing at a time.


Eva said...

What a wonderful web site! It is a great idea. This time I can not join because it is a slightly "busy" week in my real life but I will dream through your posts.
Un beso

Meli said...

Lize, thanks for the web is just what I need right now!!
Sorry you can get through the link of the ONCE, as soon as they inform of the results of the draw, I will post it on my blog.
You can also leave me your email. I don't have it.
Un beso,

Sans said...

Can't wait to see how you are going to mini these daring summer wear.

Meli said...

Hi Lize!!
Thanks for your always kind comments!!
Don't have your mail to say thanks!!
Un beso

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