Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for a MINI-break!

Halikum Salaam!

Welcome, welcome!

To make it easier for you to get around, we have put up plenty of signs.

We hope you find it helpful

Mahmoud here has been waiting at the BUS Camel STOP for three days

UPDATE: The service is unfortunately not very reliable!
After waiting for five days, Mahmoud had to give up...

We have also included this photograph of SOME of the people that will make your stay more comfortable ...
and of course to enable you to recognize them.

From left to right, your tour guide, her mother (protector of virtue) , the tour organizer,
your translator and her mother.

You will be requested to wear the abaya, but you are not obliged to wear the hijab.
You are discouraged to wear a 'fake tan' like Ms Hilton here...
for obvious reasons.

Of course, what you wear under your abaya, is none of our business.....

We have developed 2 very different Holiday Packages to cater for your pocket.
And with the current value of the Saudi Riyal, you'll get excellent value for your money!


Accommodation: A luxuriously appointed Bedouin tent where you'll be the guest of a local Bedouin Family. 

Transport: Camilla will be at your disposal.
Please do not attempt to bribe her with carrots as she develops severe indigestion,
which Abdullah (seated) is sure to remind you of.

Transportation to and from the airport, as well as any city excursions will be a roomy and very old trustworthy pick-up, ready to take you ANYWHERE!
There will also be plenty  some room for your  bags, shopping parcels and packages. 

Facilities may include the usual, boring old bathrooms,
but we suggest that you should be more adventurous and try out some alternatives as well...

No, That is NOT the bathtub!

All meals are included and will consist of a variety such as dates and... well ...
whatever we can find.

Additional entertainment:

The desert sunsets ...

and sunrises...

... are absolutely spectacular!

Shopping at the local souk...

For the thrill/extreme entertainment seeker:

It could be excessively diverting to actually be SOLD at the slave souk...
Who knows what the results may be!

The all inclusive price of SR 25 per day, including the petrol/fuel.
(Saudi Riyal)

PS.If you are considering selling yourself at the market, you should pay up front please.

This is a win win situation for both of us as, at the current price of 40 halalas per liter of fuel, WE should be making a neat little profit!

This brings us to the last option


You'll be picked up at the airport,
sit back and enjoy the sights...

Accommodation: Comfortable rooms

Someone to run your errands...
and the bath water...

Eat as much as you like of our calorie-free food!

We encourage you to do NOTHING...
but RELAX, READ, whatever your heart desires.

This is a holiday for the senses, re-awaken them!

Do Yoga in the garden...

Take a stroll...
 Admire the wild life

Join us for a light lunch...

Spend the afternoon at the beach...


Or just watch the world  drift by...

Explore the beautiful Red Sea...

Swim with the fish...

Enjoy High Tea with some famous people...

 Later, a quiet Al fresco dinner...

Or dress-up for something more formal...

Price: All inclusive price of SR12000.00 per day.

We know this is a bit pricey, but the good news is that you only pay 1/12 of the price!!
That's right!

Since this is a 1/12 world!

Now, please book your preferred choice...

We are awaiting your arrival.


Thank you to our gracious host, Colleen, over at D DNA!
I have had a wonderful vacation so far and I am happy to receive you all.
Haven't you also had some great 'stopovers' so far?

PS. Even though I am poking a little 'politically-not-correct' fun at my host country:
I have spend many happy years here (more than a decade)!!!
This is definitely a society where families are valued and children are loved. 
It is a great place to bring up children. 
I have the highest regard for their dedication towards their religion
and the utmost respect for the changes they are making. 
Nowadays, you are lucky to see real Bedouin tents
or families still roaming the desert for  grazing for their animals.  
Pick-up trucks with a camel though are seen... often!  
The Red Sea is simply amazing! 

There is a button souk, a tent souk, a toy souk, a gold souk, etc etc. 
There is definitely NO slave souk!

Oh, and what you wear UNDER your abaya is really your business...
 But it should also REMAIN your business

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Need a vacation?

I have been invited to participate in an Once in a lifetime, Around the World
To be launched tomorrow!

The 'trip' is organized by Colleen,
our friendly host at

Do pop in there today to find inspiration for your miniatures,
as well quite few daring and inspiring ensembles for summer holiday wear.

Changing the world in to miniature
One thing at a time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Butterstream Gardens

Good Morning!  Welcome to our garden.

The skies are clear, so it is a great day to spend outside.

This is our pool garden.
Our little dinner will be in the loggia tonight.

I still have a few things to do like filling the pond, and planting some annuals.
You're most welcome to help me.

This leafy plant is the Fake-us Benjamina , and that there is Magnus Magnifera Fictitious.


Both indiginous to China.


This here is a Nymphaea Nondorata Crepeus... and that there is ...


You're not much interested to learn the names of all the plants, are you?

Well, perhaps the names of the fish then...

This here is a Tancho, that one is an Asagi.
My favourite is the Tancho Sanke....

Not very interesting, huh?
I'll put our hose away while you feed our little fish.

Hey, you still staring at our fish?
 I know, you're puzzled why they are not moving....
Took years, but I trained them that way.

Now come help me with the flower beds. Our perennials  are forever spilling over onto the gravel.

We had better get a move on, it'll soon be midday.

Like I said, sun's HOT today!

Our job is done.  What do you think?
Now we can set the table in the loggia, ready for our little dinner tonight.

You move all the little things like the little stone bench and the iron table,
while I get our two kitchen chairs.

Everything set?

I think we are done.

All that remains for us to do is...

 Light the candles,
and then we can...


YOU thought dinner was for US!
Whatever gave you THAT idea?

I'm just the gardener...

Now make sure you close our little gate properly.
We do not want any unwanted visitors here!

On a more serious note:
This little diorama is (loosely) based on the Pool Garden, also sometimes referred to the Temple Garden of the real Butterstream Garden, ONE of my favourite gardens.  It is generally considered to be the most beautiful garden on the Emerald Isle.

Set in County Meath, it has been a long time in the making and the life work of Jim Reynolds.

Unfortunately, the extensive gardens has not been open to the public since 2004.

Changing the world into miniature...
One thing at a time.
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